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Review: Okashi Connection Japanese Candy Subscription Box + Coupon Code + Giveaway!

Note: I originally posted this review on the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club blog on June 20th, 2014. This is a repost, since I worked really hard on it and I enjoyed the service, so I wanted to share it on my own blog. Since posting, I have actually signed up to continue receiving a monthly Okashi Connection subscription!


Hey Iggles! Let’s talk subscription boxes. I love subscription boxes, especially when they involve food. My current addiction is Japanese snack boxes. I’ve been getting a Skoshbox for a few months now, and I have been pretty happy with the variety in the box, but not the amount of snacks. It felt like everything in the box was only a little nibble or taste, a tease. And many of the items in the box were actually things I could find in the local Japanese market. While it was great to try and discover things I didn’t know existed, I was craving larger portions and things I couldn’t get anywhere other than straight from Japan.

Enter Okashi Connection. They’re fairly new to the subscription box scene, but they’re already starting off strong. Okashi Connection offers a monthly box straight from Japan for $22 a month (includes shipping) and they ship worldwide. They deliver a pound of candy and snacks for your money and strive to send things you CAN’T find anywhere but Japan. Their goal is to give you a better deal for your money. More candy for less. I liked that idea, so I contacted them for a box to review for my IGGPPC family! As you’ll be able to tell, I totally suffered through this. Really. I did. And by suffering I mean I ate all the candy till I felt like I was gonna explode and then got all hyper on the sugar. If you get a box, you might not wanna eat it all in one night like I did! Okay, on to the review!

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My Perfect Graze Box

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It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Graze. I have been getting weekly boxes from them for several months so far, and I am still excited about every box I receive. I even have an awesome group of friends on twitter to tweet snack pictures with under the hashtag #GrazeGang. I would do this a lot with a friend before we moved to twitter. I didn’t know other people did this sort of thing too!

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