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February Photo 365 Roundup

I have decided to start doing a photo roundup for each month after it’s over. I won’t be posting every photo from the month here to the blog, but I’ll post five or so of my favorites. If you want to see all my photos or keep up with them as I post them, my flickr page is the best place to find them all.

February really crept up on me. I was able to continue doing my daily photos, but I found myself relying on my homemade lighting setup more often than I probably should have been. Oh, did I mention that I created a little homemade lighting setup? It’s not quite a light box yet, but that will be the next step. Honestly for not having created the actual light box, just having three bright “daylight” lamps has helped tremendously on evenings where I forget to take a picture until it’s past dark. I’ve also started pulling out my Lensbabies so I have NO EXCUSE not to take a macro or close-up photo. My previous excuse has been, “Well, dad took back his macro lens.” But I have perfectly good Lensbabies that can take great macro photos. I need to start using them more for that purpose.

So let’s get to some of my favorites! The first one I’ll share is this awesome shot I got while we were off-roading in Hidden Falls Adventure Park in Marble Falls, Texas on February 2nd!


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Photo 365 Compilation Days 16-27

Taking a photo a day makes you realize that sometimes you have this great vision and it just doesn’t turn out how you planned. Actually, most of the time. Sometimes, it turns out better than you planned it, sometimes not so much. I am beginning to miss having a macro lens, one of the lenses I had to give up when I moved from a cropped frame to a full-frame DSLR, since the EF-S mount lenses don’t work with the EF mount on my new camera. Since I don’t have hundreds of dollars to plunk down on a macro lens, I’ll have to make do with the tools I have. I do have some of the Lensbaby macro kits that I haven’t messed with all that much, so I’ll likely be pulling those out, definitely when spring finally hits.

This set of photos actually has one of my favorites so far from the year. We have an adorable Adventure Time Mondo poster that glows in the dark. The parts that glow are the skeletons of the characters in the print as well as ghosts that only show up when it’s glowing. I love how it turned out and it’s one of those times where the vision was far exceeded by the result.
If you want to see more of my photos, visit my flickr or click the tags at the bottom of this post!

Day 16/365 Green Wrangler

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Photo 365 Compilation Days 9-15

I feel myself becoming more aware of my photo 365 project as the days go along. I’m taking less photos right before I go to bed, desperately scrambling to find a subject. I find myself planning my photos and looking forward to making the shot. I’m still waiting until I have a few days saved up to make edits, but that’s okay. I think as long as I stay on top of it, it won’t become too much of a burden, and I’d rather edit a batch of photos instead of one each day. The only risk is, if I don’t like any of the photos I took three days ago and I’m editing now, I’m kinda screwed. I guess I have to make sure I have something I’ll be happy with! Click the tags at the bottom of this post to see more of my compilation or photography posts or you can visit my flickr to view all my photos.

Day 9/365: Glow

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Photo 365 Compilation Days 2-8

So far, I’ve learned that I really need to stop waiting until the last minute to take my daily photos. I kinda new this before, but things have been kinda stressful lately. I’ll work harder to take my photos earlier in the day. This will most likely be easier on weekends, but I need to work on it on weekdays as well. I’ll be happier as the days get longer. I’m not super impressed with this week’s collection of photos, but I suppose that’s the point of this project. It can only go up from here! I’m starting with day two here because day one was in my previous post.

Day 2/365: Negative Space

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Photo 365 Challenge 2014

For a few years now I’ve been wanting to do a photo 365 challenge, but I always kept forgetting. I know you can start any time you want, but there’s something a bit more exciting about starting it on the first day of the year, isn’t there? This year is the year, though! I’m starting off day one with a self portrait, and I will probably end with a self portrait as well. Oh, and don’t pay attention to the fact that it looks like I have no arms. This was the only photo that actually ended up being in focus. I have no idea why my camera focus was being all wonky.

If you want to join me and my friends, check out this post I made on the International Geek Girl Pen Pals website and the IggleBugs365 hashtag on twitter and instagram!