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Visiting Geocaching Headquarters

On our big, adult trip to the gaming convention, Penny Arcade Expo, also referred to as PAX, I realized something. We were going to Seattle. Seattle! The home of Geocaching Headquarters! Not knowing much about Seattle or where we’d be staying or where HQ even was, I waited until we booked our hotel, then I started looking up directions. Elated, I found out it was a few miles away. A little too far to walk, but we could take a bus. Totally doable.

Then came convincing my husband. He’s not a geocacher. I wouldn’t call him a Muggle, but he doesn’t enjoy it like I do. But we were going all the way to Seattle! How can a geocacher go to Seattle and not visit HQ? After much bothering and poking at the map and saying, “See? It’s not that far! See? See? We can take a bus!” He finally agreed. So I made an appointment and looked up bus routes. We had a plan!

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