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The Anxiety of Being an “Adult”

There’s being an adult, and there’s being an Adult. I am here to tell you from experience that turning eighteen does not make you an Adult. At least, it didn’t for me. Turning twenty-one, graduating from college, getting married, buying a house, it still didn’t make me feel like an Adult. Age is just a number. The wedding was planned by my parents, and the house was purchased by my husband, who was at that time my fianceĆ©. It felt like I lived my entire life with someone always there, helping me along, validating my decisions, telling me if my choices were right or wrong.

What made me finally feel like an Adult was the very first time my husband and I took a long trip that was planned by and exclusively paid for by us. Before that, it was always family trips, going here and there with mom and dad or the in-laws. Our honeymoon was even paid for, which was awesome, but there was never any of that anxiety that came from this particular trip.

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