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The Soylent Pioneer


After about six months of waiting, our Soylent finally arrived.

Okay, I’ll let you get it out of your system. Yes, Soylent Green is people, yes people, I’m eating people, etc etc etc, you don’t have to make that joke because yes it’s been made about a billion times now.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of our systems, let’s get to the actual product called Soylent. What is it? It’s a meal replacement designed to have all the vitamins, minerals, nutritional bits, fiber, fairy dust, calories, and whatever you need to eat for an entire day. 100% of everything. It’s designed to keep you full and designed to be easy and convenient so you don’t have to think about your meals or plan anything. You just drink it and go. One pouch of powder and a bottle of oil with some water creates two liters of your next day’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s designed so you can live off of it indefinitely. Oh, and it’s completely vegan.


Now that I’ve had a fair amount of Soylent and I’m still alive, I will answer some questions that it’s possible you may have. Things I wondered before it finally arrived.

What does it taste like? Soylent is vanilla flavored, slightly sweet, and chalky. The closest thing I can equate it to is chalky vanilla soymilk. It’s got a creamy texture and it’s got a slight thickness to it like you’re drinking a completely melted milkshake. We’ve tried blending things into the Soylent with some success, and one of the best things for flavor is peanut butter. We use PB2 powder, but it does make the Soylent more chalky. Regular peanut butter has more fat, but it will make the Soylent smoother. In the morning, we will often blend some fruit into the Soylent, though things like peanut butter or banana will overpower any other fruit we may add. Frozen fruit works best because it helps keep the Soylent cold longer. Warm Soylent does not taste good. Cold is the best way to drink it. We plan to experiment with other things to flavor Soylent, such as tea and flavor oils. I will likely do a follow up post if we find anything amazing.


Does it keep you full? The short answer is yes. My husband and I will split one pouch (3 meals worth) between the two of us for breakfast and lunch. It’s very hard for me to consume an entire serving of Soylent at once, so I will drink it slowly during the hour it takes me to get to work and throughout the morning if I have any more left. As for lunch, I’ll drink some on my lunch break and then throughout the afternoon. I’m not the kind of person that can easily chug a liquid, especially one that’s a little thicker than regular water, so it takes me longer than my husband, who can down it all at once. I will still often eat a snack during the day if I want something different on my palette and we always eat a regular dinner unless one of us isn’t home and there’s Soylent to spare. However, there’s a difference between feeling “full” and feeling “not hungry.” Often with Soylent, it’s less of a feeling of, “Oh I’m so full,” and more of a feeling of “Oh, I could eat but I’m not hungry.” It’s often a weird feeling for me, since I have a tendency to eat until I’m full, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, but still a thing nonetheless. While drinking Soylent, I’ve often sat next to a coworker during lunch that’s eating a cookie or french fries and stared longingly at them. Then again, I would probably do that even if I was eating a salad or a sandwich or a Lean Cuisine. I’m a dirty cookie beggar.

Does it make you gassy? Again, the short answer is yes. I’m pretty sure I don’t get enough fiber on a regular basis. Moving over to a fiber rich diet is going to give me death farts. It’s just natural. I’ll try not to let them loose around you. I do promise to dutch oven my husband whenever I can though because it’s freakin’ hilarious. I hear that the more I drink Soylent on a regular basis, the better this condition will get. As of right now, I’m still drinking it sporadically, so my body hasn’t fully gotten used to the diet. It’s best to drink it for one meal a day until your body gets used to it, then step it up gradually. If worse comes to worse, Gas-X or Beano is supposed to help with this issue. Thankfully I haven’t gotten any of the scary black poops or anything (apparently people who drank version 1.0 had this problem). Actually, things have been pretty normal in that department. IMG_4042

Is it easy to make? One of the biggest challenges with Soylent is remembering to make it. Being the lazy humans that we are, something that requires even the tiniest bit of effort gets pushed back until the last possible minute. Soylent really needs to be made the night before. Pour the powder into the pitcher provided in the starter kit, add warm water, shake it, add the oil, the rest of the water (up to the top of the pitcher), and shake it some more. Then refrigerate it overnight and shake it up in the morning, pour it into a cup and drink. Blending it really helps to make the texture better, but it’s not required. If you make it and drink it right away, it’s even more chalky. You want to give it some time overnight. Blending it with things will obviously take more time, but they do help with the flavor. Adding powdered peanut butter in the morning as well as a little bit of salt will greatly help with flavor.


Is this for weight loss? As of right now, I haven’t witnessed any weight loss. Then again, I haven’t been eating the healthiest lately (delicious, delicious junk food). Over time, I believe it’s possible to lose weight, considering that it’s keeping me from eating out at lunchtime, which usually consists of greasy fast food. Even if it doesn’t help me lose weight, Soylent has to be a healthier alternative to Whataburger, right? Honestly, Soylent is more of a convenience thing than a diet thing. Not having to leave work to go get lunch means I have more time to enjoy my short lunch break and it also saves me money. At a little over $3 per meal, that’s easily half of what I usually pay for lunch when I eat out.

These are my first impressions of Soylent after going through about two weeks worth of product. While the flavor and texture leave something to be desired, the product itself is solid. It does what it says it does, and it serves its purpose. I was really excited to try Soylent and my husband and I plan to continue to use it for the foreseeable future. We’ve gotten on a recurring plan so we will continue to receive Soylent unless we decide to stop drinking it. The good news is, Soylent just recently got some much needed funding to increase production, so hopefully they’ll be able to start shipping in real time soon, which means no more six month waiting list for new customers! However, if you want Soylent, the quickest way to get it is to go ahead and order some, as you will be closer to the front of the queue than you would be if you weren’t in it at all.

Please, if you have any more questions about Soylent, ask them and I’ll answer them to the best of my knowledge! However, I will not answer any questions pertaining to Soylent Green, people, or vanilla flavored people.



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2 thoughts on “The Soylent Pioneer

  1. I’ve been curious about Soylent since a first heard about it a few months ago. After reading your post, I finally just ordered some. I didn’t realize they had a waiting list for new customers, so I guess I’ll know if it’s any good in 4-5 months!

    • That’s great news! I’m really hoping it won’t be 4-5 months for you. From what I hear, the extra funding they’ve gotten should help them clear their backlog and get to where they’re able to ship in real time and fulfill orders as they’re placed. Which would mean great things for people who’ve been waiting to try it! *crosses fingers for you*

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