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Strawberry Picking!



Last year I got a bit jealous when I saw people posting their summertime berry picking photos. Unfortunately, most of these people were up North, and when I saw these pictures, it was already past strawberry picking season here in Texas. While ours is in April, theirs can range all the way up until late June, way past when our strawberries have peaked and gone on to do whatever strawberry plants do in the heat of Texas summer. So I had to wait nearly a whole year to actually go strawberry picking, and I was NOT going to miss out this time.


When my in-laws bought a lake house in Marble Falls, I quickly discovered a farm called Sweet Berry Farm that does strawberry picking. This was last fall. I’ve been waiting, still waiting. Patiently. But spring finally came! I tried to hide my excitement, but I had strawberries on the brain. Strawberries are my favorite fruit. I can eat a whole pound of them in one sitting. And I usually do.


So we went picking. When we got there, the whole field smelled like fresh, ripe strawberries. I was in heaven!


My husband wasn’t very keen on the whole strawberry picking thing, but he came along and he ended up picking the most berries out of all of us. We found lots of berries that were bigger than I thought they would be, as big as you see in the store, and some were so ripe they would just break apart when you pulled them off the vine. We could have picked all day and never run out of berries to pick in that field. It was like picking up seashells at the beach, such an abundance my little strawberry loving heart was so happy!


When we filled our container, got our berries weighed, then went back to the lake house. The ripest and softest berries were immediately eaten or throw into some homemade ice cream we were whipping up. The rest were washed and saved. I resisted chowing down on them and turned the rest into some delicious and sweet homemade strawberry jam! Did I mention the farm does blackberry picking in June? I do have a blackberry jam recipe!



Author: toastytreat

I am a girl with more hobbies than I can keep track of. My two favorite things to do are to take pictures and write. I am blogging to share the things I love and things I'm passionate about.

4 thoughts on “Strawberry Picking!

  1. Eeee, I am so jealous! Our strawberries are still so blah this time of year, and I am already craving them.

    Your jam looks delicious!!

  2. That jam looks SO GOOD. You’ve inspired me, definitely gonna go berry picking this summer!!

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