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Toasty Wishes: March Edition


  Here are some of the things going on my wishlist this month! The weather is being bipolar, so I’m wishing for some tea and something to do on the cold and nasty days, and something cute to wear on the nice, warm days! Then again, I’ll take tea any day, so the the Texas bipolar weather can do what it wants! I’ll be sipping tea and enjoying it. What are you wishing for this month?


1 I love teacups. Anthropologie has some adorable tea cups and saucers from time to time. As someone who just enjoys collecting unique cups, I really want to add this one to my collection. It has some adorable matching spoons as well!

2 The mason jar fad has always left me scratching my head, until I saw this. I can get down with this.

3 I gave a friend a tea sample pack that had this in it. She told me it was an amazing tea, so now I need to try some for myself.

4 If I get a Lego Movie Set, this has to be the one to have. It even comes with a double-decker couch!

5 I love this fabric AND it glows in the dark!


Author: toastytreat

I am a girl with more hobbies than I can keep track of. My two favorite things to do are to take pictures and write. I am blogging to share the things I love and things I'm passionate about.

2 thoughts on “Toasty Wishes: March Edition

  1. You’ve got such good taste, girl!

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