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February Photo 365 Roundup

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I have decided to start doing a photo roundup for each month after it’s over. I won’t be posting every photo from the month here to the blog, but I’ll post five or so of my favorites. If you want to see all my photos or keep up with them as I post them, my flickr page is the best place to find them all.

February really crept up on me. I was able to continue doing my daily photos, but I found myself relying on my homemade lighting setup more often than I probably should have been. Oh, did I mention that I created a little homemade lighting setup? It’s not quite a light box yet, but that will be the next step. Honestly for not having created the actual light box, just having three bright “daylight” lamps has helped tremendously on evenings where I forget to take a picture until it’s past dark. I’ve also started pulling out my Lensbabies so I have NO EXCUSE not to take a macro or close-up photo. My previous excuse has been, “Well, dad took back his macro lens.” But I have perfectly good Lensbabies that can take great macro photos. I need to start using them more for that purpose.

So let’s get to some of my favorites! The first one I’ll share is this awesome shot I got while we were off-roading in Hidden Falls Adventure Park in Marble Falls, Texas on February 2nd!


This is a photo I took on February 6th when I was scrambling for something to take a picture of at the last minute. I remembered the Lego Movie was coming out, so it seemed fitting. It’s also one of my favorite Lego models.


Here’s a batch of delicious cookies I sent out to my friends in the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club! I baked them on February 10th. I was also happy with my versatile extra lighting. There will most likely be a recipe post soon about these delicious cookies.


This is the arcade stick my husband finished on February 12th. He’s already making a new one.


This is the new foster pug my friends got, named Socrates! I snapped some lovely pictures of him on February 15th.


So this is an onion that started growing for no apparent reason. Not all that exciting or pivotal, but I really liked how it turned out. If the light would have been slightly more diffused, it would have probably been perfect. Taken on February 24th.


This is a tin of my new favorite tea, genmaicha! Taken on February 25th.


So that’s February in a nutshell. Maybe not the highlights of all the most important things that happened in the month, but picked out my favorites of the batch. We’ve already passed 60 of our 365 day challenge and I feel like I’m going strong. Not every day will be perfect, but as long as I keep trying, I know things will keep moving forward. I hope I can keep up with my photo editing going through March now that I’m only posting photos to the blog once a month. Editing and uploading all at the end of the month might be too much work and discouraging. I will have to try my best to keep at it!


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