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Photo 365 Compilation Days 9-15

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I feel myself becoming more aware of my photo 365 project as the days go along. I’m taking less photos right before I go to bed, desperately scrambling to find a subject. I find myself planning my photos and looking forward to making the shot. I’m still waiting until I have a few days saved up to make edits, but that’s okay. I think as long as I stay on top of it, it won’t become too much of a burden, and I’d rather edit a batch of photos instead of one each day. The only risk is, if I don’t like any of the photos I took three days ago and I’m editing now, I’m kinda screwed. I guess I have to make sure I have something I’ll be happy with! Click the tags at the bottom of this post to see more of my compilation or photography posts or you can visit my flickr to view all my photos.

Day 9/365: Glow

Day 10/365: Tug Of War

Day 11/365: Smaug

11/365 Smaug

Day 12/365: Sunday Breakfast

Day 13/365: Danbo Camera Time

Day 14/365: Breeze

Day 15/365: Trail Rated


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