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Doomed in Houston with Chuck Palahniuk

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Wednesday night was a special night. My favorite author, Chuck Palahniuk, came to Houston. The last time I got to see him in person was way back in somewhere around 2004ish? Back when he was touring for the paperback version of his novel, Diaryand he came to Austin. Back when he would still sign anything you brought.

I begged my parents to take me. I brought a lot of things for him to sign, and he signed them all, even my Fight Club DVD. (I have four copies of Fight Club now. They’re all different and special to me.)


The stack of books I had him sign back in 2004ish. At the time, I felt guilty.

But that was then, and now he will pre-sign the book he’s promoting, and that’s about it. I understand, though. That gives him more time to actually interact with fans. And for an author, he puts on a great show.


I had completely forgotten he wrote this in my copy of Choke hahaha!

This post isn’t to tell you to go buy his new book or to regale you with a blow-by-blow account of the event from Wednesday night. This post is to say, if you have the chance to go see him, you really should. If he’s coming to your town or a nearby town, it’s really worth it. Maybe you’re not his biggest fan, maybe you’ve never read his books (or the books of two fellow authors that are also touring with him, Chelsea Cain and Monica Drake). But if you’re into the craft of writing, if you like to be around other geeks who get excited about seeing  fifty-whatever year old man walk onto stage in a fancy bathrobe and devil horns, or if you just like hearing some awesome stories, this is an event for you. If you like writing “breasts” on a beach ball and throwing it into a crowd of people all wearing pajamas who are also throwing their balls that say “mandible” and “Mordor” and “David Bowie” on them until you just have a huge pile of balls and an infinite number of bad jokes about balls, maybe this is an event for you.


Now I’ve got this signed copy of his new book, Doomed (the second book in his first ever published trilogy, the first book called Damned) and I’m only tearing myself away from it to let you know to check his tour schedule. It was a fluke that I even realized he was coming to Houston. I didn’t know until a week before the event. I had long since given up on him coming to Houston, since he always seems to favor Austin, generally on weekday nights. But he did come to Houston, and I hope he enjoyed it enough to come again in the future. Because what other author does his readings in a bar because Barnes & Noble won’t have him in their stores anymore? He even proudly claims to have the highest number of complaints about him at Barnes & Noble, which he attributes to things like the blow-up sex dolls he had shipped to stores so he could give them out at his events.

He’s the best.


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