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My Perfect Graze Box

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It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Graze. I have been getting weekly boxes from them for several months so far, and I am still excited about every box I receive. I even have an awesome group of friends on twitter to tweet snack pictures with under the hashtag #GrazeGang. I would do this a lot with a friend before we moved to twitter. I didn’t know other people did this sort of thing too!

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Graze is a way to get pre-portioned healthy snacks in the mail every week, every other week, or once a month. They come in the mail in a simple, recyclable cardboard container that holds four little individual punnets. You always get different snacks every time. You can look at their website and see what’s coming in your box, or you can choose to be surprised. Once you try a snack, you can “Trash” it on the site so you never get it again. If you want to see a certain snack more often, you can “Like” it or “Love” it, depending on how awesome you thought it was. They have great customer service and always answer your questions and help you out. Each box is five dollars and that includes everything, even shipping. You can cancel any time and you only pay per box, so that’s awesome.

There are very few snacks from Graze that I’ve tried and disliked. I Trashed some things before I even tried them based on my personal food preferences, and Loved many more things. Picking my top four snacks from Graze can be tough, but I think I’ve figured it out. Here is what I would consider my Perfect Graze box:

Vanilla Seeds

1. Natural Vanilla Seeds – My first thought when I saw these on the site was, Seeds? Really? Okay fine, that’s healthy. I’ll try them. Then, I got them in my box. They’re like heaven. The vanilla coating balance is delicious and perfect. I hope these never change or go away. They’re amazing.


2. Bonnie Wee Oatbakes – The red onion marmalade is so delicious I wish I could buy it by the jar. And the oatbakes have a perfect flavor and texture that makes me want to experiment with recipes until I can bake my own copycat oatbakes. No matter how many failures it takes.


3. Summer Berry Flapjacks – Okay, so it was hard to choose between the summer berry flapjacks and the summer berry compote, because they were both so delicious. But I had to have flapjacks on this list, because if you haven’t had Graze flapjacks, you truly have not lived. Wait, can I change it to the Fruit and Seed Flapjacks?! Or the Honeycomb Flapjacks? You can’t go wrong with Flapjacks.


4. Hot Cross Yum – This is the perfect balance of fruit, nuts, and the unique extra bits that make Graze boxes so special. Their infused fruits are delicious, and the orange infused raisins won’t disappoint. If you like raisins. And orange. The sponge pieces will delight your tongue and the cinnamon and honey almonds are deliciously reminiscent of the nut stands in the mall serving up fresh coated almonds and pecans.

So that’s it. I wish the boxes held more, because, honestly, I could easily add more snacks to this list. It was so hard to come up with only four.

What’s YOUR perfect Graze box?

All snack detail pictures from graze.com because my boxes never make it long enough to see a real camera. D:

(Sometimes we get silly with our snacks. Here’s an example. Wanna get silly with us? Tweet your snack pics along with the hashtag #GrazeGang)

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